Welcome to Pinpoint Recovery Service.  We offer 24/7 local and long distance wheel lift towing of 2WD vehicles both FWD & RWD cars, light trucks, vans and SUVs in, to or from Rockingham County North Carolina.  Local cities include Eden, Madison, Mayodan, Sandy Ridge and Wentworth.  For a quote, please call 336-573-3019 or 336-932-8008.  Click on our roadside assistance page to see our services and coverage area. We also offer $5.00 per day, private, secured, insured, lit and video monitored vehicle storage.  Thank you to all of our customers.     


27048, 27027, 27025, 27289, 27375, 27288, 24148, 27046, 27042, 24165, 27357, 27323, 24113, 24115, 24114, 27358, 24082, 27320, 27022, 27016, 24089, 27052, 24078, 24069, 24054, 24168, 24112, 27009, 27326, 24133, 27455, 24055, 27310, 27019, 27214, 27311, 24171, 27051, 27410, 27409

 We accept credit cards, debit cards and cash. 

Stoneville, Mayodan, Madison, Eden, Wentworth, Ridgeway, Sandy Ridge, Pine Hall, Spencer, Stokesdale, Reidsville, Martinsville, Summerfield, Critz, Lawsonville, Danbury, Fieldale, Walnut Cove, Collinsville, Cascade, Axton, Stanleytown, Belews Creek, Ruffin,Patrick Springs, Greensboro, Bassett, Oak Ridge, Germanton, Browns Summit, Pelham, Stuart, Walkertown

​Owner - Gigi Gann

OPEN 24/7

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Pinpoint Recovery Service provides towing services both local and long distance. If you have questions about our services, coverage area or just need a price,  please contact us at 336-573-3019 or 336 932-8008.  Pinpoint also provides lockouts for some vehicles, gas/diesel delivery and jump starts within 15 miles of our office located at 967 Stone Mountain Road, Stoneville, NC 27048.

PLEASE NOTE We do not tow HD, 4X4, 4WD, AWD, low profile vehicles, vehicles with flat tires or wrecked vehicles.  We use wheel lift trucks only. We do not offer flatbed or rollback services.

Local coverage area.

27048 Stoneville NC
27027 Mayodan NC
27025 Madison NC
27375 Wentworth NC
27289 Eden NC
27288 Eden NC
24148 Ridgeway VA

Reidsville NC