​Owner - Gigi Gann

Remember to check the air in your tires including your spare.  Most spare tires we change are so low on air that until we fill them, it is just replacing one flat tire with another.  

Here are some helpful hints for all the motorists out there.

If your battery requires maintenance, have a mechanic or service center check the water level in your cells to assure they are at proper level and the terminals to assure they are free of debris and corrosion & they are tight & getting a good connection.  Doing this will assure your battery will be at its peak performance at all times while at the same time prolonging the life of the battery.

Is your steering wheel screaming at you when you try to turn?  Do you feel unusual resistance when you're turning?  If so, check your power steering fluid.  Usually if you are experiencing these issues, you are low on power steering fluid.  Filling the PS reservoir to the proper level usually resolves these issues but if it is not low or does not resolve the problem, check your power steering belt as this is the second most common cause.

Helpful hints for when hitting a deer is your biggest fear.  After more than 2 decades of driving down country roads at night we have a couple of tricks that may help lower the chances that your vehicle and one of our four legged friends like this meet each other the hard way.  First hint is keep your high beams on when possible, take curves a little slower and glance at the wood line / side of the road often.  Second hint is to tap your horn every quarter to third of a mile.  When we tap our horn on roads like 158 going into Winston Salem, we see 70 to 80% less deer than if we do not.

If you are broken down on the side of a busy highway please consider doing these two things when it is possible and safe to do so.  First, if it is safe and possible, exit your vehicle from the passenger side away from traffic.  This will help assure that you, your passengers or your vehicle's doors will not be struck by passing traffic.  Second, If it is safe and possible, get well off of the road away from your vehicle until assistance arrives in case it is struck.  If you can safely get behind a guardrail, do so.

​If you are a lady or young person and you're broken down on the side of the road by yourself, please consider doing this.  If possible, when your roadside assistance service provider arrives or another motorist stops and offers help, facetime a friend or family member and turn your phone so that the person you are facetiming can see the person providing assistance or offering help.  This shows anyone approaching you that someone else knows what they look like and makes the likelihood they will do something stupid or harmful much less likely.