​From locked to unlocked

1.  We use soft wedges not hard.  This prevents scratching the inside of the door frame and prevents tearing of the rubber door seals.

2.  We open doors no farther than necessary to get our tools in without scratching it.  This reduces the risk of bending the door frame causing noise from air because the door seals are no longer making firm contact. 

3.  Whenever possible, we remove our tools and wedges before allowing the customer to open their own door in a normal position.  This reduces the risk of damaging the door handle or its components opening it under unnecessary stress.  This also allows the customer to know that they are the only person to enter their vehicle.

​We welcome every customer or member to watch every move we make when we unlock their vehicle.  Please call 336-573-3019 for a quote or eta.   

fast, affordable and professional.

​Owner - Gigi Gann

When a customer or member needs their vehicle unlocked, it is important they have it done by a service provider that doesn't just say they provide damage free lock out service but in fact does.  Below are some of the ways we assure damage free lock out services.  Along with this, whenever possible, we allow the customer to open their own door, having added peace of mind knowing nobody else has been in their vehicle.